Southstar Development Partners is a family of companies which includes SouthStar Communities and SouthStar Texas. Founded in 1999 by Larry Rutherford, SouthStar is a full service real estate development group that specializes in residential and commercial properties, with a focus on master planned communities across the Southeast . Expertise includes property acquisition, analysis, development, entitlement, management, sales and marketing.

With Florida headquarters in Coral Gables, and Texas headquarters in Austin, SouthStar's portfolio features highly amenitized master planned, mixed-use and bulk residential communities. The company has partnered with, invested in and provided third party services to a diverse group of investors, institutions, builders, and landowners.

Since its inception SouthStar has planned, acquired, developed, and/or managed over 30,000 acres and 17,000 lots in over 20 different communities. SouthStar's ability to quickly leverage expertise, resources and relationships to deliver appropriate, effective solutions creates value, and provides a variety of lifestyle choices and sustainable communities for its residents.

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